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Little Britain - Serie de TV

Temporada 2, Episodio 5: Episodio 5

  • Titulo: Episodio 5
  • Titulo original: Episode 5
  • Emisión: 16-12-2006
  • Duración: 30 minutos



• Lou takes Andy Ten Pin Bowling which Andy is finding somewhat difficult, that is until Lou is distracted for a few seconds.
• Vicky barges her way through a queue of people trying to get into a Blazin' Squad concert
• Emily and Florance have a go at playing Tennis, but being ladies they get tired very quickly.
• A lady confesses, to a psychiatrist, she's seeing someone behind her husband's back, of course everything's treated in strict confidence... until she leaves the room.
• Fat Fighters have brought out a range of low calorie treats. Marjorie forces Pat to see if she can tell the difference between them and the normal treats.
• A lady mistakes builders working on her house for dogs, making them fetch and beg for biscuits... strange but true.
• The robbery investigation progresses. Viv Tudor has been requested to attend an identity parade.
• The Prime Minister goes on Newsnight. Sebastian does his best to ruin the live programme.
• Back at the psychiatrist a man confesses (in confidence) he's started going to prostitutes... the gossip spreads quickly.
Visual Gag: We see a Rolls Royce pull up at a house, the chauffeur gets out and opens the back door - from it appears a paper boy who runs up the path and delivers a paper.
• On the outskirts of Slaughter Kenny Craig has spent the night with his girlfriend, who for some reason can't find her underwear.
• The posh gentleman orders more obscure items from the menu... and a buttered Yorkie.
• Doug has some rather bizarre advice for his drug rehab class. A lady has found her way into the wrong class but Doug wont let her leave.
• At a park in Bent, Dr Lawrence shows Dr. Beagrie what a good artist Anne is.
• Jeremy Rent is in a meeting with Andrew Lloyd Webber who's written 'Bergerac the Musical' he wants Dennis to play the lead role.
Visual Gag: The old lady outside the bank gives her bag of dog poop to a tramp.
• Carol is invited to a leaving party for one of her colleagues. Computer says no.
• Rhiannon and Myfanwy have just got married. Daffyd is asked to be referee for them to adopt. Daffyd is disgusted with the idea.
• In Herby, Andy Pipkin is enjoying his annual bath. Lou's talking about going to Chessington Waterventures. Andy's decided he wants to go to France instead... even though he hates France.

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