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Little Britain - Serie de TV

Temporada 2, Episodio 4: Episodio 4

  • Titulo: Episodio 4
  • Titulo original: Episode 4
  • Emisión: 09-11-2004
  • Duración: 30 minutos



Visual Gag: Outside the Darkly Noone police station, A teenage girl distracts a police officer while two other teenage girls pinch his wallet.
• Vicky pretends she witnessed the armed robbery on the Jewelers to claim the reward of £10,000.
• In Pox, Judy and Maggie sample mince pies and then find out they were made by two homosexual members of the choir...
Visual Gag: A newsagent puts a sign in his window -
• In the Northern town of Dirty Boy, a newsagent's tendency to guess the reason for the choices made by a customer, puts a customer off buying a porn magazine.
• At a restaurant in Throttle the posh gentleman orders Foie Gras, Poached Guini Foul with Potatoes... and a Double Decker.
• Emily and Florance go to the ballet, in appropriate garb and then have to use the toilet.
Visual Gag: Lou spots an open can of lager outside his house. He drinks from it and chokes on a cigarette butt.
• Andy has to read a section from the bible in church and wants Lou to dress him up as baby Jesus.
• Dr. Lawrance has managed to get Ann a part in a play.
• Marjorie takes her Fat Fighters group to a restaurant for a Christmas meal and ends up dictating the entire menu.
• Daffyd protests against the local library stating there aren't any 'gay' books. Of course nothing could be further from the truth.
• Back at the Throttle restaurant another order is made for half a dozen oysters, liver, baby onions and savoy cabbage...
and a Lion bar and a Pepperami.
Visual Gag: Sebastian adds to his garden gnome collection on the door step of 10 Downing Street.
• The Prime Minister's wife is pregnant. Sebastian is not entirely enthusiastic about it.
Visual Gag: The old lady outside the bank donates her bag of dog poop to a guy collecting for charity.
• At the bank a man and a women want a Mortgage. Carol recommends a 'Mid-West First Time Buyer Plus', with a fixed rate of 4.9%APR over five years and an instant cash back of £10,000. Guess what the computer says!
• Jane, Harvey and his Mum, Dad and Nana are discussing the wedding arrangements. It's not long before the subject changes. Things take an even more bizarre turn when Harvey's Nana offers her services too.
• Kenny Craig damages another car in a car park and ends up hypnotising several witnesses to avoid an insurance claim.
• Moanwheel back in a Throttle Restaurant another order is taken, the posh gentleman orders wild truffle and roccaforte salad and poached scallops with artichoke hearts... a bag of Monster Munch and Um Bongo to drink
• Mr. Mann pops into Roy's book shop. He wants a book on Medieval English Music between the dates 1356 and 1390, but he doesn't mind if it's paperback or hardback... but it has to have around 306 pages and not 312.
Visual Gag: At Hill Grange Health Spa in Trump, the guests are working hard... turning pages in a magazine it seems.
• Bubbles DeVere finally pays up for her 5 months of spa treatment, but not exactly in the way Mr. Hutton wanted.
• Andy manages to fall out of his wheelchair and into a tree. Lou enlists the help of the fire brigade.

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