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Little Britain - Serie de TV

Temporada 2, Episodio 3: Episodio 3

  • Titulo: Episodio 3
  • Titulo original: Episode 3
  • Emisión: 02-11-2004
  • Duración: 30 minutos



• Vicky's determined to get herself thrown off a bus.
• Minwheel in Herby, Lou takes Andy to an ice skating rink.
• At a jewelers in Gristle a robbery has taken place. Viv tries to give an accurate description of the suspects.
• Where are they now? Mr. T or someone who looks remarkably similar, is spotted in a gymnasium yet he claims he's never heard of the The A-Team. He's got the right van though.
• Emily and Florance are out for a stroll, however Emily can't resist the temptation to join in on a children's game of football.
• Meera has won the lottery, Marjorie's trying to be nice to her for a change. The reason quickly becomes clear, she wants to get her hands on some of the money.
• The Prime Minister and his aide Sebastian are hard at it (allegedly there was a tear in his trousers!). A visit from the PM's former aide sends Sebastian into a jealous frenzy.
• Kenny Craig hypnotises his Mum into letting him watch ThunderCats.
• Dr. Lawrance is showing Dr. Beagly how Anne likes to feed the ducks.
• Mr. Mann is looking for a birthday card - for a man, who is 65, who hates dogs and cats and cartoon frogs, but likes single cell organisms, like amoebas, and he loves the sea... word.
• In Grope, PCs Bryce and Rawlingson have some sad news to depart.
• Dennis Waterman gets a guest appearance in Never Mind the Buzzcocks, another show that isn't deficient in it's theme music.
• In Grope, PCs Bryce and Rawlingson still have some sad news to depart.
• After failing to get a part as Hamlet at The Llandawi Brefi Amateur Dramatic Society, Daffyd is shocked to discover his brother is gay.
• At a supermarket car park in Herby, someone's blocked Lou's van in. Andy's determined not to miss My Hero so takes matters into his own hands, literally.


Foto Actor Personaje
Foto de Matt LucasMatt LucasVarios roles
Foto de David WalliamsDavid WalliamsVarios roles
Foto de Tom BakerTom BakerNarrador
Foto de Di BotcherDi Botcher
Foto de Charu Bala ChokshiCharu Bala ChokshiMeera
Foto de Joann CondonJoann CondonPalmadita gorda
Foto de James CordenJames CordenDewi
Foto de Steve FurstSteve FurstVarios roles
Foto de Stirling GallacherStirling GallacherVoz de Margaret
Foto de Ruth JonesRuth JonesMyfanwy
Foto de Ewen MacIntoshEwen MacIntoshConductor de Bus
Foto de Jeanne MockfordJeanne Mockford
Foto de Paul PutnerPaul PutnerVarios roles
Foto de Sally RogersSally RogersVarios Roles
Foto de Leelo RossLeelo RossTanya
Foto de Corey J. SmithCorey J. SmithFutbolista
Foto de Anthony HeadAnthony HeadPrimer ministro
Foto de Joyia FitchJoyia FitchDruggie
Foto de Ruth MadocRuth MadocSeñor Thomas

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