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Little Britain - Serie de TV

Temporada 2, Episodio 2: Episodio 2

  • Titulo: Episodio 2
  • Titulo original: Episode 2
  • Emisión: 26-10-2004
  • Duración: 30 minutos



• Emily and Florance try to buy wedding dresses.
• While the Prime Minister is having a very important summit with the American president, Sebastian pulls faces at the President's aide.
• Bubbles runs naked through the health spar and spends a little too long on the UV bed trying to avoid paying her bill.
• Lou takes Andy to the local pub to meet his new Polish girlfriend Annia, but does Andy have a plan to get rid of her?
• At the University of the North West Midlands, Linda is helping Joanna Harding (the big fat lesbian) get an extension on her feminist poetry essay.
• In Little Bentcock, Ann is working at a Tenpin Bowling arena, but has a bit of trouble getting some size 9 bowling shoes.
• At Fat Fighters, Marjorie is disgusted that Paul and Pat have started going out together.
• Daffyd opens a Gay and Lesbian stall at the Llandawi Brefi village fete and is annoyed that the new vicar isn't at all bothered about it... because, of course, he's gay himself.
• Back at the university Kenneth Lou (the ching chong china man) wants the rest of the week off for personal reasons.
Visual Gag: The restaurant Harvey and Jane go to has a sign in the window "All you can eat - £5000"
• Harvey and Jane's parents meet for the first time at a public restaurant. Harvey once again choses the most awkward moment to ask for 'bitty' but things get much more embarassing when Harvey's Dad needs some milk for his coffee.
Visual Gag: The old lady outside of the bank puts her bag of dog poop in the post box.
• At the bank a nearly six year old boy wants to open a Junior account with a free Percy piggy bank and a prize draw for a holiday to Eurodisney. Carol checks with the computer.
• It's a school day, so Vicky Pollard's in the park, hitting on Bethany's boyfriend... while she's sat next to her.
• Dennis Waterman is given a starring role as Captain Birdseye.
• Linda once again insults a student - this time it's a dwarf Paul Roberts... that's right the Oompa Loompa.
• Mr Mann wants to rent a video starring Chevy Chase and Rick Moranis as a pair of cops who have to go undercover and pose as rappers in order to foil a drug deal. Certificate 15.
• The Women's Association is playing host to their conservative MP. Maggie samples a volevont made from a recipe by Ainsley Harriot...
• Finally Lou takes Andy to the countryside, but gets them both lost.


Foto Actor Personaje
Foto de Matt LucasMatt LucasVarios roles
Foto de David WalliamsDavid WalliamsVarios roles
Foto de Tom BakerTom BakerNarrador
Foto de Di BotcherDi Botcher
Foto de Charu Bala ChokshiCharu Bala ChokshiMeera
Foto de Joann CondonJoann CondonPalmadita gorda
Foto de Paul DarrowPaul Darrowdiputado conservador
Foto de Gwenllian DaviesGwenllian DaviesSeñor Williams
Foto de Cheryl FergisonCheryl Fergison
Foto de Steve FurstSteve FurstVarios roles
Foto de Stirling GallacherStirling GallacherVoz de Margaret
Foto de Claudia HarrisonClaudia Harrison
Foto de Yuki KushidaYuki KushidaGita
Foto de Cherylee HoustonCherylee Houston
Foto de Phoenix LeePhoenix LeeKenneth Lau
Foto de Geoffrey LeesleyGeoffrey Leesley
Foto de Janette LeggeJanette LeggeMadre de Jane
Foto de Pik Sen LimPik Sen LimSimone
Foto de Joan LinderJoan Linder
Foto de Vincent MarzelloVincent MarzelloPresidente de los Estados Unidos
Foto de Samantha PowerSamantha PowerJane
Foto de Paul PutnerPaul PutnerVarios roles
Foto de Sally RogersSally RogersVarios Roles
Foto de Leelo RossLeelo RossTanya
Foto de Joanna ScanlanJoanna ScanlanAnya
Foto de Hywel SimonsHywel SimonsVicar
Foto de Alex TregearAlex Tregear
Foto de Anthony HeadAnthony HeadPrimer ministro
Foto de Dean WhattonDean WhattonPaul Roberts
Foto de Geraldine JamesGeraldine JamesSeñora Pincher
Foto de Ruth MadocRuth MadocSeñor Thomas

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